Many Product Managers struggle to consistently engage with customers and non-customers in the market.  The challenges may vary, but there are straightforward techniques that can be modified and adopted by any product management team. 

Here,  you will find webinars, slides, blogs and infographics any product manager can use to turn this essential activity into a habit.  

Webinars and Videos

Problem with Finding and Validating Market Problems

webinar, december 2017

Watch Michael Smart, Founder and Managing Principal of Egress Solutions, address the challenges of finding and validating market data in the webinar hosted by Pragmatic Marketing.

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Recent posts from leading Product Management experts


Do you tend to love your product than the problem? Think again. If your product doesn't solve the market problem, then it may never be successful. Read more...

2. An Insight into the problems with finding market problems

This blog gives a solution to the product managers facing problems with time and cost of collecting large data to reach high levels of confidence. Read more...

3. New to Market Discovery? Here's What You Should Know 

Market Discovery is both an art and a science. It’s an imperfect process, but wrestling with the challenges and sifting through the information you collect can yield gold for your organization. Product management teams that build competence in this area are extremely valuable – not a bad reason to become known for orchestrating successful market discovery projects. Read more...

4. Market Discovery: Obtaining Value From Small Sample Size Research

You don't need large sample size and a significant budget for Market Research. All you need to do is to establish a goal of 20 to 30 complete interviews for market discovery. Read more...

5. 3 Things No One Tells You About Market Validation

Read our blog to improve your chances of success with the 3 things no one tells you about market validation. Read more...

6. market segmentation: 5 signs you're doing it right

Once, you have identified the market problem and its solution, take a good look at your current market segmentation and ask yourself - how well are we doing at these five things? Read more...


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