Implementing processes can be tricky. Too much process and you stifle creativity. Too little and your team can't scale or  repeat previous success. Egress Solutions, helps companies adopt just the right amount of structure and process prescribed by well-known frameworks like Pragmatic Marketing™, Lean and SAFe.


How to Measure the Effectiveness of your Product Management team

Michael Smart, brings more than 25 years of high technology industry experience in a variety of leadership roles to the business. In this podcast, he shares the tricks to make your Product Management Team more measurement-driven for long-term benefits.

Measurement driven return on investment podcast



Recent Posts from Leading Product Management Experts 

1. π (Pi) Reasons To Assess Your Product Management Team

Just like Pi – Product Management functions as the critical relationship between a technology firm’s outside market (circumference) to how their marketing, sales, and development teams operate on the inside (diameter). Product teams must be that ‘constant’ for an organization to succeed. Read more...

2. 3 Non-traditional Lessons For Product Management Success

Over my 20 years in Product Management, my absolute favorite part of the job was building strong teams of Product Managers and helping them grow. As I transition to a career in Product Management consultancy, I thought I would pass along three of my favorite lessons learned. Read more...

3. 8 Keys to successfully implementing a product management framework

Here are the 8 tips to do a better job building and launching products which will win in the market using product management frameworks. Read more...

4. our team has been through product management training... now what?

Successful Product Management training requires more than just allocating budget and enabling staff to take “time away” from work to participate. Read more...

5. should you hire or "grow" your next product management leader?

What’s the right choice for your organization, for achieving your company’s objectives? Should you hire or “grow” your next product management leader? Read more...

6. How to Quantify the Return on Product Management

The long term benefit of Product Management becoming measurement-driven is higher team performance, improved predictability, and increased credibility. Read more...

7. 4 Reasons Why It's Time to Embrace a Product Management Maturity Model

It's time for product management to embrace a maturity model and here your top 4 reasons. Read more...

8. Implementing a Product Management Framework: Think Lean or Not!

Black and white product management framework concepts must be “customized” to be implemented into an existing product organization. Read more...

9. Play in the Gray: Product Management Framework Implementation for Solid Payback

So how do you choose the right product management framework for your organisation? Read our blog to learn more. Read more...

10. Why You Need An Interlocked Product Lifecycle Approach

Find the reasons why you need and how to implement an interlocked approach to your product's life cycle.  Read more...

11. Onboarding for Product Management

What does an effective onboarding program for Product Management look like? Here are six basic steps to create your own. Read more...


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Egress Solutions is a Product Management and Marketing Consulting firm. Our consulting engagements have delivered the essential components to establish product management and product marketing excellence

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Uncovering what products and enhancements clients want, then shepherding them to market before your competition, requires both art and science. Our product management consulting builds upon industry-leading systems like the Pragmatic Marketing Framework™, SAFe® and Jobs-To-Be-Done. Through custom product management workshops, coaching, and comprehensive implementation services, we help you align your team, tune into your customers, and capitalize on market opportunities faster.

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