Win–loss Analysis is an essential element of your product teams market intelligence activities. Improving the understanding of buyer perceptions about your product and their purchase journey leads to better product strategy and product roadmap decisions.

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Win-Loss Analysis for Product Managers – with Mike Smart


Win-loss Analysis, traditionally thought to be a sales tool, is considered, recently, by many product managers as an important exercise to improve products and customer experience. Listen to Mike Smart's take on Win/Loss Analysis from purely a product manager's perspective with Chad McAllister. Mike Smart manages and teaches different organisations on how to conduct Win Loss Analysis. 


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1. Buyers' Insight Analysis – Think Beyond Win-Loss

Traditional Win-Loss analysis fails to help you determine how that buyer rationalized their buying decision? Buyers’ Insight brings in unique qualitative and quantitative perspective inside the buyers' mind. Read more to learn more. Read more...

2. Win-Loss Analysis: Why Salesforce is not Enough

Salesforce Win-Loss Reporting is easiest to implement and can be easily aggregated. Unfortunately, the results get stuck in sales as a training tool. It doesn’t provide marketing, product, or senior leadership insights to adapt to changes in buyer preferences, competition, or overall strategy. Read more...

3. The Forgotten Part of Win/Loss Analysis: The Win

At Egress, we see a disturbing trend -C-Suite, Sales, and Product Management are diving deep on the ‘Loss’ analysis and ignoring the ‘Wins’. After all, the ‘Wins’ are already won – right? Wrong! Read more...

4. The ABCs of win-loss analysis

Know the 4 Steps to Maximize the Benefits of Your Win/Loss Analysis Program. Read more...

5. winning by losing

Win-Loss Analysis is all about product sales training, product positioning, market messaging, and product roadmaps. When done properly with a committed program, you can turn losses into wins…and revenue. Read more...

6. market discovery: obtaining value from small sample size research

You don't need large sample size and a significant budget for Market Research. All you need to do is to establish a goal of 20 to 30 complete interviews for market discovery. Read more...

7. Product Managers, Keep Your Channel Partners Happy

Give more weight to functions that enhance the channel partners’ ability to execute and achieve their business goals. Read more...


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